5-Week Meditation, Mindfulness and More


The Illumination of Mindfulness and the Cultivation of Well-being

This series offers mindfulness based meditative techniques, including yoga nidra/iRest. No experience is needed. Each class may include some gentle movement which can be done standing or sitting. These classes are suitable for anyone, even those with body restrictions, pain, fear, and anxiety.5


Thursdays starting August 31, from 5-6pm

August 31 Mindfulness of the Body
Sept. 7 Mindfulness of the feelings in the feelings
Sept. 14 Mindfulness of the mind in the mind
Sept. 21 Mindfulness of the elements that make up the big picture
Sept. 28 Mindfulness as a path to liberation

What is Yoga Nidra/iRest?
Yoga Nidra is a state of deep relaxation combined with awareness. The practice not only calms the nervous system, but allows one to receive the subtle flow of energy in the body. While resting in this state of ultimate harmony, in which brain waves slow down, one can explore and develop intention, experience breath and energy awareness, and neutralize body sensations, stress, negative feelings, emotions, and beliefs. Experience a sense of well being amidst life’s changing circumstance.

Sign up for the whole series on or before the first day of classes and you can do 5 for $50.00 (this package deal is just for this workshop series and does not rollover to any future classes).

Drop ins are welcome any week at the full drop-in rate or using a class pass (refer to schedule).
Nota Bene: Workshops are not included in the unlimited Wellness by Design Membership.

Rhonda Gerhard is a Certified Integrative Yoga Teacher and a Psychotherapist since 1992. She joyfully brings the integration of mind, body, and spirit to her work with groups and individuals.
For more information go to www.rhondagerhard.com or call 707-763-4679.

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