Margot Schaal


Learning how you move and learning new ways of moving can help increase comfort, reduce pain, improve balance, flexibility, coordination and breathing. Feldenkrais retrains the nervous system through gentle, non-competitive movement. Recover from injury, stroke, surgery or patterns that limit or hurt you. Deepen your awareness of your mind-body-brain connection. Perform your favorite activities or sports with greater ease and pleasure. It’s fun, learning new ways to move that help you feel good in your body! Every class is different; you build an expanded vocabulary of movement and possibilities.
Age with Agility (Sundays, monthly)
Recovery from Injury (Sundays, monthly)

Margot Schaal, our Feldenkrais Practitioner® who is also a Reiki Master and Qigong Teacher, helps people improve functions for daily life. She has practiced Feldenkrais® for over a decade in the U.S. and Rwanda. Margot teaches people in all states of health, from professional athletes and performers who want to refine their skills, to folks with back aches and neck pains who want to improve daily activities like walking, sitting or reaching, to those with central nervous system disorders, such as CP, MS, and Parkinsons. Her clients have learned to address chronic pain, injury, anxiety, stroke, and trauma, and to increase flexibility, balance and physical performance. She offers monthly workshops here at P.O.S.T.-Wellness by Design. For her website, click here

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