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Insurance and General Policies
What You Need to Know

We are pleased to have the opportunity to work closely with you and your doctor in providing the very best quality care. We are committed to providing excellent patient-centered integrative care, and want you to be free to focus on your therapy and recovery, which is why we make insurance and payment transactions as easy and effortless as possible. We want to ensure you have a clear understanding of our policies and that your questions are all answered, since we believe that good communication is important to our professional relationship with you.

Private and Group Insurance: Each insurance company has a different way of providing coverage. This is spelled out in your policy booklet which we suggest you review. We will contact your insurer to determine the benefits you have for physical therapy, including your co-pays, authorization requirements, etc. We will bill the carrier directly, as a courtesy to you, and will collect co-payments when you check in for therapy.

Workers Compensation: Prior-authorization must be obtained from the adjustor before we can schedule appointments.

Medicare: We accept assignment. This means we will accept the medicare allowed fees for physical therapy services. For these services, medicare pays 80% of the allowed fees. If you have a supplemental insurance, we will bill the 20% balance to this carrier. If you do not have a supplemental, you are responsible for the 20%.

Motor Vehicle Accidents: If you have medical coverage on your auto policy, we will bill that for you. In some cases, we will accept a lien in order to provide you treatment, and we will agree to wait for payment until there is a settlement. This is decided on a case-by-case basis when another party is at fault.

Your first session: During this session the therapist will perform an evaluation of your condition and submit a report to your doctor. You will be asked to complete some initial paperwork so be sure to arrive 15 minutes early.* Loose fitting clothing is a good idea.

Missed Appointments: We require 24 hours notice if you cannot keep your appointment. There is an $80.00 fee for missed appointments (defined as a cancellation with less than 24 hours notice, or a “no-show”) for insurance patients. Patients who are “self-pay” must pay their regular visit charge. This “no show” fee must be paid at your next visit.

P.O.S.T. – Wellness by Design is a member of Preferred Therapy Providers, a preferred provider organization of therapists that have met specific quality standards.

* If you would prefer to download the appropriate forms, fill them out at home, and bring them with you for your first appointment, you can find them below:

Health Questionnaire Page 1

Health Questionnaire Page 2

Notice of Privacy

Notice of Privacy – Need Signature

OSWESTRY Survey – Low Back

SPADI Survey – Upper Extremity

Quick Dash Survey

ACN – Back Survey