Meditation and Circles

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Meditation and Mindfulness: Each class will offer a method that helps promote ease and balance. Various forms of meditation may be a way to look at the reactive mind. Yoga postures, walking, and other forms of movement may also be supportive when done with curious attention to our body/mind relationship. In addition, using  mindfulness practices supports relief from suffering, and compassion for yourself and others.  It is available in each step and breath you take.

Meditation and Mindfulness (Thursdays)

“Sit and Serve” Meditation: The format is quite simple – come and meditate – silently with us in your own style. 8:00 am

Yoga Nidra Meditation: Yoga Nidra meditation is a guided practice in which each moment is greeted with mindfulness, acceptance, and loving kindness, allowing one to walk through life with ease and stay present to what is. 5:00-6:00pm