Optimal Living: How Yoga Helps Keep Your Brain Healthy

With Baxter Bell, MD, eRYT500, YACEP, C-IAYT

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017


Like the rest of our body, the brain changes in numerous ways as we get older. What happens to the brain during healthy aging? And are there ways that we can positively influence the changes in the structure and function of the brain, much as we can with muscles and bones? Is yoga an ideal tool to maintain and improve brain health as we age?
Join us this weekend as Baxter charts what is currently known about the changes in the brain as we age, and what is known about techniques useful for slowing or preventing common cognitive changes. He will highlight the results from promising studies on the effects of yoga on cognitive functioning and memory loss, and discuss the common lifestyle factors and types of yogic exercises and practices that are showing particular promise in slowing cognitive decline and fostering healthy brain aging.

Saturday Session 1: 12:30-3pm
Yoga as Brain Exercise, Learning and Brain Strength
In this session, we will learn about some of the basic parts of the brain and how important “exercise” is in maintaining good brain health. We will also look at some of the normal changes to the brain that take place over time with age and what we can do about that. And, we will look at how ongoing learning, neuroplasticity and brain “exercises” add additional benefits to brain health over time. Our practice will utilize new learning to engage and enhance our big brains!

Saturday Session 2: 3:30-6pm
Stress, Sleep and Your Brain
In this session, we will look at the connection between stress management and good brain health, and how sleep works to maintain a healthy nervous system. Our practice will highlight yoga tools to improve our stress management and sleep hygiene to brighten our minds.
Bio: Baxter Bell, MD, C-IAYT, eRYT500, YACEP, fell in love with yoga in 1993 while he was working full-time as a family physician. His appreciation for the potential of yoga for fostering health, healing, and equanimity was so great, he soon stepped down from his medical practice and trained to become a yoga teacher. Now he focuses on teaching yoga full time, both to ordinary students of all ages and physical conditions, and to the next generation of yoga teachers, to whom he teaches anatomy and yoga therapy along with his accessible, skillful style of yoga. He also sees students privately as a certified yoga therapist, helping them use yoga to help heal from and/or cope with a wide range of medical conditions. At this point, with 17 years of experience under his belt, Baxter brings a unique perspective to his teaching, combining his understanding of anatomy and medicine with his skill at instructing people from all walks of life and all levels of ability.
In addition to teaching classes, workshops, and retreats internationally, Baxter is a presenter at Yoga Journal Conferences and the International Association of Yoga Therapy’s Sytar Conference, and teaches online courses at Yoga U Online. Baxter is also the co-founder and writer for the popular Yoga for Healthy Aging blog, where he shares his knowledge of medical conditions, anatomy, and yoga with practitioners and teachers across the world. He has written articles for Yoga Journal and the journal of the International Association of Yoga Therapy. And he is often quoted as an expert on yoga and health by major national news outlets such as the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal.

5 hour workshop – $125

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