The Cornerstones of Well-Being

Join Jean Grant-Sutton, RYT and Pat Martin, EEM-CP in an exploration into the depths of wellness.

pat and jean

The Cornerstones of Well-Being

A 4-part program designed to improve and sustain your overall wellness and frame of mind

April 15, 29, May 13, 27
1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Following these practices can lead to improved resilience, vitality, and instill a sense of calmness and equanimity. We’ll also learn to practice in ways that enhance our ability to thrive despite the stress of everyday life, and enjoy a stronger overall sense of well-being.

Change you Mind, Improve your Nutrition,

Align your Body, Energize your Spirit

Jean Grant-Sutton C-IAYT, CNC, and CMT – Certified Yoga Therapist, Nutrition Consultant, and Massage Therapist. Jean has spent many years studying, practicing and teaching in the Holistic Wellness Community. She currently teaches at P.O.S.T.-Wellness By Design in Petaluma, Ca. Gives workshops, retreats and private sessions.
Pat Martin CMT, EEM-CP and CYT- a State Certified Massage Therapist, Eden Energy Medicine-Clinical Practitioner and Yoga Teacher. She currently teaches at P.O.S.T. Wellness-by Design and The Petaluma Village Network, gives workshops and has an office in Petaluma.

$450 Early Bird Registration by April 7th

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