Wellness Tips

Here is a list of some essential daily things you can do, wholeheartedly, to support your wellness every day

Remind yourself of the things you are grateful for.

Nourish your body with yummy nutritious foods.

Take some conscious deep breaths and move your body.

Go outdoors for a while and look at the nature of things around you.

Drink water with awareness of its life-giving properties.

Put a smile on your face many times during the day just for you.

Give that smile to someone else.

Hug yourself, another, a pet, a tree with the intention of giving love

Let someone get in line in front of you (with a loving smile).

Accept a compliment graciously (don’t deny it to be true).

Sit quietly for 30 minutes with your eyes closed and your heart open.

Speaking kindly.using pleasant intention when communicating.

Practice being less judgemental every day

“Random acts of kindness” every week – it may be a Thank You note or a hug or a smile to an anonymous person.

“I try to bake bread every week and share loaves with coworkers.”

“I read different books looking for “words of wisdom” and then share those positive thoughts with others.”

“Daily journaling.”

“We do a home yoga practice for the days we can’t make it to the studio (or even just 5 minutes of morning yoga stretches at home daily)”

“I pray every day and do/say something nice for someone else daily. It helps me as well as those around me.”

Listen to the song, “Smile”

Listen to the beautiful red wing black birds

Look at the hawks and eagles soaring

Eat a great piece of fudge!

Cook someone a great pasta dinner

Go to the V.A. and volunteer

“The ways I wholeheartedly support my health and wellness are by getting regular massage and enjoying each morning with a cup of tea.”

Indulge in delightful baths (or hot showers), or find a sauna, hot spring or hot tub!

Get plenty of sleep and allow yourself to rest during the day, especially in winter.”

How do you support your wellness?